Products and Solutions by Embed-PlaysafeTM

If you operate machines we have a solution for you!

Embed-PlaysafeTM is not just about monitoring - it is about deploying a wide range of products and services to help every client maximise the profitability and efficiency of their enterprise, large or small, in every part of the pay-to-play industry.

Systems are provided for amusement centres, single-site/street operations, bingo clubs, FEC’s, ferries, casinos and betting shops.  Our systems comply with industry standards and offer full dataport connectivity (eg BACTA, VAN, SAS, etc). Data can be captured in many different ways; handheld terminals, online networking, real-time processing, or remote access – and transferred to the central system using a wide range of technologies.

Quantum and Handheld

Embed-PlaysafeTM has been acknowledged as the leading provider of machine monitoring systems for the Pay to Play industry. Any handheld computer running Windows Mobile 6 and with serial communications can be used to collect and download data into the Quantum system.

Electronic Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture is now a very important part of machine monitoring: total security, accurate information and an effective data collection tool.

Membership/Loyalty System

Promotions, Loyalty Bonus, Mystery Jackpot, Members Activity and Advertising are just some of the features available.

Player Tracking

Player tracking and the information it provides is becoming a key element in the task of maximising revenues from gaming machines. Operational data about the playing habits and spend patterns of machine players will give operators the ability to reward their players based on facts and not assumptions.

Redemption Pro

A complete solution for managing a prize redemption operation including inventory control and ticket eater integration

Cashless Debit Card

For Amusement operations you now have the option to go cashless or to operate in a dual cash and cashless environment.

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