Redemption Pro

Redemption Made Easy

Redemption Pro is a ticket redemption system that is used to conduct transactions where tickets won from redemption games are exchanged for prizes available at the redemption counter.

Restore order and take control of your redemption centre with Redemption Pro by Embed-PlaysafeTM.  Improve guest service, increase staff efficiency and manage your prize inventory with ease.  Redemption Pro allows up to 4 staff members to assist multiple guests, all at the same time, from one station.  Whether your operation offers a redemption store concept or a traditional prize counter, Embed-PlaysafeTM has the solution.

Prize inventory has never been easier to manage as staff members quickly "scan" the merchandise out of inventory as they assist guests. Countless hours of manual inventory entry becomes a thing of the past as Redemption Pro supports electronic packing lists from the leading redemption supply companies. For those just looking for only a redemption counter management system, Redemption Pro is available as a stand-alone system and is fully integrated with floor model ticket eaters.

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