The Power for Good Management

The Quantum machine management system is the most comprehensive system available for monitoring machine operations and has been designed to service the requirements of all sizes and types of operation. It is modular in its construction and can be configured in a variety of ways. Customers can choose between an entry level or the full Quantum system depending on budget and requirement. The system can be configured as a stand- alone system, single or multi- user, or it can be used as a central system with other local (site) based systems communicating with it.


Data entry can be handled in many ways from manual collection entry, automated handheld or networked electronic or wireless data capture. The collection of the source data is only part of the task, the viewing of the end result is equally important. Embed-Playsafe’sTM Quantum machine management system has been developed over the years to accommodate this need. The system offers various levels of reports and enquiries, from exception reporting on collection information, to high-level performance analysis.

Quantum Features:


Handheld - Power in your pocket

Any handheld computer running Windows Mobile 6 and with serial communications can be used to collect and download data into the Quantum system.

Handheld Features:   


All data collected on the handheld can be downloaded directly into a PC and processed or can be sent from the handheld via modem to a remote head office PC for processing.

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