Wireless Player Tracking

Your Customers Are Your Business

Player tracking and the information it provides is becoming a key element in the task of maximising revenues from gaming machines. Operational data about the playing habits and spend patterns of machine players will give operators the ability to reward their players based on facts and not assumptions.

The card-based system allows players of machines to insert their Loyalty card into the card reader on the machine to identify themselves. The player tracking system will log all game play and identify wins, amount of spend, time at the machine and a lot more. The statistics produced allow for a customer profile to be established and provide valuable information about the player base and their activity on machines.

Being a modular solution enables operators to take on this enhancement when it is required and removes the need for replacing the equipment. Once fitted, being able to track customers spend, time on machines and a lot more provides maximum benefit to any machine operation.

Having identified your customers’ spend and playing habits, they can be rewarded by the Spend Reward module which provides pre-determined loyalty rewards to the player. The specifically designed card reader and enclosure is unique to Playsafe and provides several distinctive features.


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