Rewarding your customer

Customer loyalty is a major factor in any business, and this loyalty should be rewarded. The leisure industry is now taking significant steps to focus on this, and Embed-PlaysafeTM has, as part of the Quantum product range, developed and integrated a Customer Loyalty system. Using a state-of-the-art terminal and customer friendly software, the task of rewarding customers is made very easy. The individual and unique design of the terminal makes it stand out and can be used as a “Front of House” welcoming tool for all customers to any gaming centre or bingo club. The terminal can be designed and enhanced to suit the corporate image of your company.

With a TFT touch screen display the terminal will promote welcome messages, loyalty points and rewards to members. The terminal also runs advertising and promotional messages as a screen saver when the membership system is not in use. The site-based terminal can be linked to a central database where all membership details are maintained. Full control and creation of new promotions and games are sent out remotely to selected terminals. With an integrated printer, promotions are awarded to the customer by way of a printed receipt. Loyalty points are allocated to the customer’s card and may also be redeemed for awards. The terminal has a built in card reader, using either contact-less or mag-stripe cards with a unique customer identification.

Features of the system include voucher and attendance/multi attendance promotions, birthday and bonus promotions and there is also a raffle and mystery draw. A variety of games are also available; Spin The Wheel, Scratch Card and Pick Your Cards Right, plus some exciting new games.

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