Electronic Data Capture - Thinking Beyond The Machine

Electronic Data Access

Playsafe has been a supplier of EDC for many years and can supply a wide range of options to suit both application and budget. There are significant benefits in using EDC to assist with control, both from an operational point of view and of course security. Reductions in levels of staff for collections, taking meter readings and accuracy of data are just a few of the ways in which the investment can be recovered.

Depending on the type of operation, machines can be interrogated in a variety of ways. The use of hand-held units to retrieve data from machines is widely used and can be cost effective. Machines can be interrogated individually or by site from any location you require. Network or non-network EDC and WiFi data capture (WDC) facilities are available. Data can be retrieved via head office, site based, portable PC or remote access. The use of timed storage of data in the EDC/WDC device with remote access to the data can prove to be a very efficient way of gathering information.

WDC+ The Advanced Data Capture Device

The most widely used device in the Playsafe range is the versatile wireless WDC+ unit. This WiFi based data capture device has been designed to allow customers to go beyond just capturing information regarding the machines revenue. The unit allows for player identification by way of an added card reader fitted to any machine via the add-on interface card in the WDC unit. This plug-in module extends the WDC capability and enhances the information that can be gathered, extending to player tracking data with real-time statistics about both machines and players.

The ability to access real time data is only part of the solution. Once captured, it is the use of the data in the most efficient way, which is where the benefit becomes apparent. A wide range of features is available to maximise the use of this data giving both machine and customer analysis.

As a further addition to the use of real time data, the system will automatically send messages to remote pagers carried by machine attendants or management. Immediate response can be achieved to identify problems or alarm conditions on machines by use of this instant response device. Selected details can also (if required) be emailed to the head office and/or other personnel.

Both wireless (WiFi) and wired networks are available.

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