Cashless Payment Systems

The Embed Playsafe Cashless Card System can replace traditional methods of transaction like tokens, coins, and notes with a simple card. Guests use a plastic card, similar to a credit card, to make all of their transactions which leads to a much more simplified and more enjoyable experience. Owners benefit from the endless marketing and pricing opportunities that become available, while at the same time contain operating costs and improve cash control.

Guests purchase cards from either a staffed Point of Sale Station or a Self-Service Kiosk. These cards are customized for each location and become a souvenir as well as a constant reminder of the good times had at your location. The cards can be loaded with any amount, encouraging guests to "Load & Go" so they can enjoy all points of fun offered at the location. To play, the guest swipes their card through the reader attached to each game and attraction. The appropriate value or privilege is deducted, allowing the game to start or access to be granted. Upon swiping, the remaining card balance is displayed for added convenience. Guests can reload their play card with additional credit at any sales terminal or kiosk at any time.

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