About Embed-PlaysafeTM

Embed-PlaysafeTM is the result of the joining of two industry leading companies, Playsafe Monitoring and Embed International. The aim of this union is to provide an unparreled suite of solutions for the Gaming and Amusement sector across the UK and Europe. As a part of the Embed International Group, Embed-PlaysafeTM is uniquely positioned to offer a specialised service and solution backed up by the strength of a multinational systems company.

Embed-PlaysafeTM in-depth knowledge of the industry is unrivalled, with over 20 years of experience in designing systems for our UK and international client base. It is the leading specialist designer/supplier of machine monitoring solutions and electronic data capture systems to the gaming and amusement machine industry. Based in Bath, Southwest England, Embed-PlaysafeTM is ideally positioned to service customers throughout the UK and Europe.

We are a company committed to excellence; the dedication and enthusiasm of the entire team is reflected by its premier position in its chosen marketplace. We are well placed to maintain our position at the forefront as a developer and provider of computer solutions to the amusement and gaming machine industry at regulatory and corporate levels.

Always looking forward to what the industry will need in forthcoming years puts Embed-PlaysafeTM at the leading edge of development within its field.

Staying Ahead of the Game

With a constantly changing Industry, Embed-PlaysafeTM is always looking forward to what the industry needs. That puts Embed-PlaysafeTM at the leading edge of development and provides insight into what opportunities there may be for operators to maximise revenues. Likewise what systems will be required to help them do this? With new legislation comes new challenges and Embed-PlaysafeTM has a new range of products to go forward to meet those challenges.

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